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In one of my freelance writing groups, another writer was talking about this awesome blog that I had never read. I have to admit, that I enjoyed it as well. He has this wonderful list of questions to help you with your goals, dreams, and resolutions for 2007, so I am borrowing it to help me with my resolutions. Thanks Devon!

Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions 2007
1. Take a few minutes to reflect on the previous year. What are you happy with?
The last year has been a learning experience for me as far as my freelance writing. I really did not know what I was getting myself into and didn’t know how much to charge, how much time it would take to do a project, etc. I feel that I have learned quite a bit over the last year. I even have regular clients, which is great, because I do not have to depend upon Elance quite so much.
2. What are you unhappy with?
I was not structured and disciplined enough. I need to set a schedule for my writing and stay with it. I also need to realistically determine how long it will take to do a particular project and kill myself to make sure that it is done on schedule. Self-discipline is a big problem for me.
3. What unexpected joys did you discover during the year?
That my writing fulfills me. It is not just a job. It feeds my soul and passion. 4. What were some of the unexpected obstacles that came up, and how did you deal with them? Looking back, would you have done anything differently?
I had a customer that asked for much more than they had when I took the job and felt that I had to do it to prevent bad feedback on Elance. I do not want to feel “trapped” again by bad feedback. I should be able to stand up for myself and respect myself enough to just tell the client that the project price was based on doing this and that I cannot do anymore without further compensation. I ended up doing hours of work for barely $2 an hour for this jerk. Not worth it.
5. What expectations did you find you needed to let go of?
That I was going to get rich. Right now, I am just beginning, so I write articles about things that I do not particulary have any interest in. In this next year, I am going to try to write some articles that are more interesting and fun for me.
6. Looking ahead, how do you want to structure next year to support your writing?
I want to structure my days better. This may be slightly more difficult because I have children, but just having a basic schedule would help me be more efficient and decrease my stress level tremendously.
7. How does the rest of your life support your writing?
It doesn’t. I need to work on that.
8. How can you change/compromise on the non-supportive elements?
I am going to have to think about this one for a while. More on it later.
9. What new aspect of the writing life do you want to try next year?
I want to have an article published in a magazine. That is my goal for next year. 10. Where do you need to be more disciplined?
My work day.
11. Where do you need to ease up on yourself?
I don’t need to ease up, I need to be more disciplined.
12. List your goals for the coming year.
-magazine article published
-begin my book (not just think about it)
-make twice as much money
-set realistic schedule for working and stick with it consistently
13. List three positive, active steps to take on each goal to get it going.
1. research the market to determine where my articles would best fit, learn more about getting a magazine article published, write articles and take the chance to send them in
2. determine what kind of book that I want to write, outline the book, start writing (even it is just one paragraph!)
3. self-discipline myself to write for a certain period of time each day, take jobs that are worth the effort, be realistic about the amount of time that it takes to do particular job
4. self-discipline, scheduling, lists
14. List your dreams for the coming year.
I want to see my name in print.
15. List three positive, active steps to transform each dream into a goal.
I just have to start. Research, research, and write!
16. List your resolutions for the coming year.
-exercise consistently
-write consistently
-honesty in writing, deadlines, and life
17. List three positive, active steps to help you stick to them.
Self-discipline is the key to all of the above. By becoming more disciplined in all areas of my life, everything else will just get better. That is what I want and need!
What are your resolutions and dreams for the next year?

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  1. Great goals! I need to get started writing mine down for 2007 as well. It seems like self-discipline is the key to it all, doesn’t it??

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