Lynn Newman Is Looking Right With Jesus

I have been following the cancer battle of a wonderful mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend at for over a year now. I have read of this strong woman’s ups and downs in beating cancer one time only to have it return the next year and still being strong in her faith in God. I have read as her cancer progressed to the point where she could not type anymore and had to depend upon her good friends, Holly and Jenny, to type her words and feelings for her. I have seen many pictures of her beautiful children as she tried to give them as normal a life as possible through her illness. And tonight I have cried as I read of her going home to God. As I sit her bawling, I am asking myself why I am crying for a woman that I never met? I am crying because she is a part of me and a part of every mom that is out there. She could be any of us. Her main goal was to Look Right in everything that she did. I think that right now Jesus is holding her and telling her, “Welcome, Lynn. Well done. You have been Looking Right long enough. Now come to where there is no pain and no sadness.” Thank you Lynn, for opening your life to hundreds of people and thank you for your strength and faith in God. You have shown me that no matter what is in front of me, I can Look Right for God. Rest in peace, Lynn.

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