The first thing I think when I ask myself that question is “You can’t handle the truth” from that movie with Jack Nicholson. I can handle the truth in this case, however. I am talking about the truth about you. I was reading a book this morning that said that we need to find the truth about ourselves and then keep that truth alive. Women have this nasty habit of lieing to ourselves. We tell ourselves that we are ugly, fat, not a good mom, not a good wife, are worthless, etc. every single day. That is not the truth that we are telling, is it? No, it is not. The truth about me is much more than that. I am overweight, but I really don’t think that I am ugly. Yes I would look better if I lost some weight, but just because I have a few extra pounds does not mean that I am not beautiful. I must think that I am beautiful on some level or I would not put any effort into buying clothes, etc. Am I a good mom or wife? I probably need to do some work in these areas, but my children and husband seem to think that I am doing a good job, so why should I beat myself up about not doing everything perfectly? When I think of myself in terms of the real “truth” then I see that I am doing an okay job at my life. Yes, sometimes I fail and sometimes I just muddle through, but for the most part I am great just the way I am. That makes me feel much better mentally and helps to better prepare me for the changes that are coming. I like that.

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