Have you ever hurried to tell a friend or family member about a dream or goal that you have only to find that they do not support your dreams or they try to downplay that dream? It doesn’t feel very good does it? This happened to me this week. I was so excited because I had found a writer’s conference that I could both afford and go to because it was during my husband’s fall vacation. I went to this person and told her about it and she just acted like I was crazy for wanting to go. This person knows me very well, so it is not like she does not know what I do for a living or what I would like to do. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Then it came to me that she may have lost her ability to dream dreams for herself, due to the problems that she has had in her life and I became sad. I continued to contemplate it and then determined that I always want to make sure that I support other people’s dreams even if I think that they are crazy. Who am I to think that they may not be able to accomplish something?

I think of myself as an encourager. I hope that my friends see this in how I talk to them and listen to them. This does not mean that I am always encouraging, however, because I do allow myself to get bogged down by the cares of life. I never want to squash someone’s dreams because I do not believe in them, because who knows what God can do with them? That is why I am going to continue my encouraging and even try to encourage my friends and family members even more. I want to help them dream big. Who knows what God can do for us and through us?

Are you an encourager or a discourager? Think about it.

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  1. I’m so very sorry this happened to you! I’ve also had it happen and it is not fun!!

    This thought, “Then it came to me that she may have lost her ability to dream dreams for herself” jumped out at me. How profound!!

    Could it be that so many have lost the ability to dream dreams for themselves??

    Thank you for stopping by “My Quiet Corner” and commenting! Please know you are welcome anytime!

    I also noticed it looks as if you are fairly new to blogging. So… a big hearty Blog welcome to you!!

    And as for the conference… I say GO FOR IT!! 🙂

  2. Presently I feel as though I am in a holding pattern as far as what God’s dream is for me….however, I pray that I am an encouragement to others as they pursue their dreams. Have you read the book “What Happens When Women Walk in Faith”? It is excellent and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to be a writer but more importantly for any woman that dreams! I join momrn2 in welcoming you to blogging!! Thanks for stopping by my Front Porch and saying hello.

  3. Our God is able to do more than we even ask or imagine, the inconceivable! May you experience Him in ways beyond your wildest dreams, even as you encourage others to dream!

    Thanks for stopping by my site; I thought I’d return the visit! We share more than a similiar url; we share a passion for expressing ourselves with words!


  4. I try to be an encourager, but I find I’m not good at encouraging in an area where I’m skeptical (this mainly seems to happen with my sister). Maybe it’s because we dream in very different directions.

    Maybe your friend just can’t imagine a dream like yours.

    I agree with momrn2: just go for it!

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