How many of you regularly spend time with your hubby alone each week? I am not talking about that stolen hour or two between the kids going to bed and your own bedtime, but a special time together for just the two of you. If you are like me, those times are few and far between-especially overnight. I was blessed enough to get to spend an entire weekend with my dear husband this weekend.

Every year, my husband’s company has a end-of-the-year party in Knoxville, which is about two hours away. They have food and pay for your hotel room for the evening, which is great, so we use this party as an excuse to leave a day earlier and spend some time in nearby Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. It was wonderful to be away from the kids from Friday to Sunday, but by Sunday morning I was missing them soooo bad! On the way home I had this thought concerning missing my kids.

I miss my kids if I am not with them, but think of how much God must miss us when we do not spend time with Him. I know that I get quite a bit from spending time with God, but He loves spending time with me even more. I am His child and He loves to spend time with me. What a wonderful thing to realize! He is just waiting on me to come and spend time with Him. How disappointed He must be if I just go through my day, busy and not taking that time with Him. I don’t want to hurt or disappoint my Father anymore. I am making it a priority for me to spend that time with Him. He has done sooo much for me. How else can I show my gratitude and love for Him? Spending time in His presence-praying, singing, and simply being still-is what He wants from me.

Thank you, Lord, for helping me to see that you love me even more than I love my own children. Thank you for reminding me that You are always there-just waiting on me to stop and spend some time with You. Thank you for loving me, even when I fail You. You are my God and I praise Your name!

How do you spend time with God? Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. Oh,how God has used my relationship with my kids to teach me about His relationship to His children. What a great observation! I’m so glad you had time with your sweet husband this weekend, and had a wonderful reunion with your children.

    I love thinking about God desiring time with me, too. Thanks for the reminder!

    Oh, and I tagged you for a meme, if you get time. 🙂

  2. Oh, how exciting, a weekend away with hubby. I am soooo jealous. We do make sure all of the kids are in their rooms by 9:00 now (even teenagers) so we have at least an hour alone before we both pass out.

    Thanks for the reminder that God loves and desires my company. I forget that sometimes and it is great to be reminded.

  3. I love Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge…we used to go there every September…however, it has been eleven years since we have gone away together…I think we should start planning a trip….if just for a night. I too would miss my ‘baby’.

  4. You are right. Sometimes we can’t understand the love of our Heavenly Father. But He finds ways to remind us on a daily basis.
    I am glad that you had a weekend away from house, home and children. It is important that you spend time alone with your hubby – keeps your relationship fresh and alive.
    Blessings on your day and always.

  5. I believe God teaches us many things through our children. As our children have grown and left home we have learned a lot about trusting God, leaving them in His hands (I keep wanting to grab them back and do it ‘my’ way–darn thing is I don’t know what ‘my’ way is??) I praise God that He has taught me what love really is and that I now know He does love my children more than I do. Hard to believe but true! As I grow in this knowledge it’s getting easier to leave them in His hands.
    Thank you for your post. I thank God that you listen to Him. I enjoy reading your posts.
    God Bless you and your family.

  6. My husband and I had our honeymoon in Gatlinburg/ Pigeon Forge. We would love to get back there again someday! Beautiful country!!

    Wonderful word picture of how much God longs for time spent with us!!

  7. How nice for you and your hubby!

    Oh, and Knoxville is such a beautiful area. We’ve been on MANY vacations in the Gatlinburg area. Commercialism aside, it’s gorgeous. We try to hike up in the mountains most every day when we’re there.

    There is a song that Delirious sings, “Majesty” and one of the lines in it says (to the Lord) “Knowing that I’m your desire”. We ARE His desire. The Lord absolutely wants time with us.

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