This praise and worship song that was sung in church yesterday is the start of this post. It really made me rethink some things. The song is from Lincoln Brewster’s “All To You” album and is the title track. Here are the lyrics:

You called me Lord
You know my name
I’m standing out
I’m not ashamed
No, No

I’ve searched and came up empty
This world has nothing for me
You are my one and only

I’m living my life for You
And I’m giving everything to You
Not holding back, but every part
I’m giving it all to You

You are the Lord of all I am
And, I’ll never be the same again
I’ve searched and came up empty
This world has nothing for me
You are my one and only

What struck me about this song? Several things, but the most important thing is that the chorus said what was and is in my heart. I want to give him every part of me. Have I accomplished this? No, it is a daily process. Have I given all of myself to Him? My mind? My heart/soul? My feet? My eyes? My mouth? My ears? What am I holding back from Him? That is my cry to Him, today. Am I holding back any part of me from You? If so, what is it?

Mind-The mind is the key to every other part of your body. If you can learn to tame your mind, then you will find that every other part will be tamed as well. Now, I know that I have not tamed my mind, so therefore, there are some issues with the rest of my body. Thoughts still go through my head. Are all these thoughts honoring to God? NOPE. Does that mean I am a bad person? NOPE. It just means that He is still working on me. The mind is the key to giving it all to Him. No one is perfect and we all will have days where we feel that our mind is winning, however, God gives us a new beginning every second of every day. There is no need to beat ourselves up about it, become depressed, and just give up. God wants us to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get back on the journey with Him. This is sometimes difficult for me. I get bogged down in my failures and forget that He loves me and wants to restore me to Him. I feel unworthy of this kind of love, but through Him, I am worthy of it. He took all my sin, my shame, and my unworthiness upon Himself and put it on the cross. That makes me worthy of living for Him. I thank Him for that.

Lord, I give all of myself to You. I don’t want to hold anything back from You. From the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet, I want it all to be Yours. I want You to take me and mold me into the woman that You want me to be. This world has nothing for me, Lord. You have everything and are everything to me. Help me to show others Your love. I praise You for Your mighty works and awesome power. AMEN

What are you holding back from Him? Ask Him and He is sure to answer. Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. Great post! I have something I’d like to share with you that helps me with this but it’s way too long to put in your comments. Email me if you are interested….that sounds like a sales pitch LOL it’s not…just part of those daily disciplines that I’m learning

  2. One of the greatest things in my life that has helped me renew my mind, has been the Life Jouranl and s.o.a.p. It is God’s word that has transformed me. His word every day speaking directly to me.

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