“You act more like a Christian by your influence on the lost,
then the saved people you impress”
~ Dr. Alvin Reid ~

This week, Laurel Wreath is hosting In ‘Other’ Words and this is the quote that she chose. This quote spoke to me so clearly and cut me to the quick. How many people have witnessed my actions and not seen Christ in all that I do? Oh, that number is very large, I am sure.

How many times have you been frustrated by a store clerk and shown that frustration in a not-so-Christian way? What about a telemarketer? Just because it was over the phone and they didn’t see you, doesn’t mean that it didn’t occur. It is hard to tame that tongue and those actions when you are frustrated, angry, and irritated by some wrong that you feel has been committed against you. I know, I have been there. I have gotten angry at store clerks because their sales price didn’t ring up and they say that the price was not on that particular item. I have gotten short with a telemarketer that has called in the middle of dinner. Do you think that they think of me kindly? Definitely not. Do you think that they saw God in how I acted? Definitely not. What if that person were to visit your church and they see you praising God in the choir? What do you think will run through their mind? Do you think that they will want to hear about God from you? I don’t think so. My walk and talk through the week must be the same walk and talk that I have at church with my Christian friends. Otherwise, what good is my relationship with Christ doing for the world? If I cannot live it out each and every day with those who are lost, then what good does it do the cause of Christ? To only act like a Christian with other Christians is not going to win souls for God’s kingdom. That is what He wants us to do. To be a light to others. The others is not necessarily other Christians. In fact, God wants us to be a light to the lost to help lead them to Him. To do that, we have to show God in everything that we do.

Lord, help me to show Your love in everything I do. Whether it is answering the phone or taking care of a problem at a store, let me be a light to You. Thank You, Lord, for Your great mercies. You are awesome! AMEN

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. “My walk and talk through the week must be the same walk and talk that I have at church ” Amen, and that is allowing the church people see your failures and sins sometimes just like the clerks, etc… that is what I had to learn.

    Thank you so much for participating.

  2. Oh, ouch. I’m so guilty of being rude to the telemarketers! Great reminder to be a light instead of “that rude Christian lady.”

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Amen. Driving is my downfall- they cant hear what I am saying, but I usually have alot to say 🙂


  4. Many times when I am getting frustrated with someone else or a situation I have to repeat in my head (silently) “Remember you are a Christian” over and over. This usually works but I have to admit that hubby is much better at this than I am.


  5. wonderful post.. and a good reminder! I am trying so hard to do this!

  6. I try and remember that I’m the best “bible” some people ever read. That is humbling.

    You hit the nail on the head with this post Janis!

  7. When I find myself doing this I’m quick (okay I ‘try’ to be quick) to let the person know it’s not them I’m upset at and to please forgive my frustration….. this alone can open some doors – In real life these type things do happen. It is a growing process and I’ve said ‘ouch’ many times when the Lord began to mold me in this area. Just don’t forget when you slip go to your Father who is quick to forgive, pick you up and let you try again. I’m so thankful for that! The hard part sometimes is forgiving yourself. You are so right, I know I have a quick emotional response too much of the time. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt thoughts. Also ‘Irlwreath’ has a great point.

  8. Janis, this is a life-long-process – I think…Some days I do really well – but only when I pray through a situation – other days – I am not doing so well and don’t let me light shine. I guess we are all a ‘work-in-process’ until we enter glory with Him.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this week’s IOW quote.
    Blessings to you and yours…

  9. Bless you sweety, this is so true.

  10. “To only act like a Christian with other Christians is not going to win souls for God’s kingdom.” That is so true. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Great thoughts, and challenging questions. I needed to read that!

    ” Thank You, Lord, for Your great mercies.” Amen, and amen. May others experience those mercies through us.

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