Do you see people as Jesus sees them? I hope that you can truly say that you do, but for me, I have determined that no matter how hard I think that I try, I do not always see other people as Jesus sees me or sees them. This is sad to me. My lens is quite cloudy sometimes concerning other people no matter how hard I try to keep that lens clean and clear so that I can see them as God sees them. I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately. I make friends with a particular type of person. I don’t really even try to speak to people outside of this type. That is sad to me. I want to see them as Jesus sees them-as needy people that need a touch, encouragement, or just a smile. Simply by speaking to them or encouraging them, I could begin a relationship with them that could lead them to Christ. I don’t want to be closed off in my little world (although I do like it here most of the time). I want to be a light to others. People think that I am shy when they first meet me. This is somewhat true, but more than shyness, I am just afraid that they will not like me, so I am quiet. I know that some people may think of me as a snob or aloof, but I don’t want that to frame me in anymore. Through God, I can overcome this so that I will have the courage and strength to speak to those that need it-no matter what they look like, smell like, or sound like. Wouldn’t Jesus do the same?

Lord, I am coming to You right now to ask you to help me to see others like You see them. Help me to see what they need, so that in my small way, I can show them You and Your love. Put people into my path tomorrow that need You. Thank You, Lord.

What do you see through the lens of your life? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. It is so much easier to be around those who share the same views and interests as we do. Don’t be to hard on yourself. We are all a work in progress. I share some of the same struggles. Today I found it very hard to imagine that God loved the incredibly rude man who waited on me at a store. I actually had this thought in my head. Thankgoodness he is more merciful than I am.

  2. I was just thinking about that last night and early this morning. I too have a hard time being a light and seeing others the way Jesus does.

    It’s hard. I thank Him for not giving up on me! I think the fact that we are *aware* is a very good thing. Most people don’t even think about it, right?

    Anyway, I hear ya and I feel the same way.

  3. “to keep that lens clean and clear”–I’ll be meditating on your words! They bring to mind the scripture regarding “washing with the Word” (gotta go look that up). I need to go straight to the Word and not keep stacking up books ‘about’ the Word.

    It’s great to meet you! Thanks for commenting on my blog; I’ll be back :-)Cmommy

  4. I struggle with the same thing. Sometimes I just worry that if I have nothing in common with someone, for whatever reason, I’ll make a fool of myself! I can get caught inside my little box and not venture out of it.

    Thanks for visiting today and thanks for these great thoughts.

  5. Thanks for visiting my site recently. I like this post. I share some of the same struggles. God bless you.

  6. I love your transparency in this post. I think if we all sat and thought about it we would come to the same conclusion.

    You know I was thinking the other day, this is why I love blogging. Because I feel I learn a persons heart before I even know what they look like or act like in real life (assuming they are being real on their blog). But for me I LOVE THAT!

  7. This is a struggle for me at times too!! I was deeply convicted about this several years ago when I heard Beth Moore say that the mercy we are willing to extend to others is often directly related to the amount of mercy we believe our own life has required – ICK ICK ICK ICK – because I KNOW my life has required SO MUCH! As I have tried to remind myself – it’s one of those deliberate things – that even the rude person in the store or the downright mean person at church (OF ALL PLACES!!) is still a creation of God – created in His image, to whom He extends love and mercy just as He has to me…. that’s just hard.

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