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  1. This is my oldest daughter at the beach. She wanted to be a mermaid, so mommy created a tail for her. I sooo love these times together with my kiddies! Hope you enjoy my picture!

  2. Oh how fun! I bet she loved loking at the picture later!

  3. What fun! I plan on coming back to comment on more posts here, quite a few have struck me but I haven’t had the time to myself to comment. I’m here and reading . . . hope to comment soon. :0)

  4. Makes me wanna go play in the sand!

  5. I’m wordless.
    What a creative mommy you are.
    She’s an adorable little mermaid.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. that is very creative, I like that picture! for sure, one for the scrapbook to look back on later.

    Jenny in Ca

    happy WW!

  7. I absolutely love this awesome photo!!! I will have to remember this 😉

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