I am a fast reader. I can read a book in one afternoon or evening if I am allowed to. I know what I have read, too, so it is not a case of just skimming a book. That is not what I should do when I read God’s Word, however.

God’s Word should be read slowly-as if you are savoring every word-to get all of the “nutrition” from it. The Bible is not to be read as a story or as the latest bestseller. It is the instruction book for your life. This means that sometimes you will have to read and reread to get what you need from it. Reading it quickly for the sake of reading is not what God had in mind. He gave it to us to show us His will for our lives and to give us what we need to continue on in our Christian walk. God wants His Word to penetrate and permeate our lives. If we will allow it to do this, then we will become stronger, more joyful, more peaceful, and more dedicated to Him. Isn’t that what we all want?

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Smiles and Loves! Janis

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