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Oops and Victories

Have you ever noticed that life is just a series of oops and victories? I have a pretty good life-full of love and blessings, but no matter what I do, I still make mistakes. The good news, though, is that along with those mistakes, there are still victories scattered throughout. Here is my oops and victories list for today.

-didn’t do personal Bible study for a few days
-began to separate myself from church and church friends
-began to get depressed (do you see the progression, here? I do!)

-I have been getting up with my kids. Everyone is starting off their day much more relaxed and without tears.
-I have been eating better. The bread seems to be working very well for me. Lost 4 pounds last week. We will see if that trend continues.
-I am back on track with Bible study.
-My husband is back home. That always throws me off kilter for a while.

I know in my heart that if I begin to take my focus off of God, that everything will start to fall apart. Why can I not get that through my thick head? The good news is that God’s mercies are new every single day and boy, do I need that!

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. It does seem that the oops have a pattern that slowly takes our eyes off of the Lord, But I am grateful for the victories. I am like sissy, some days my oops list is much longer. But I am thankful for this, “God’s mercies are new every single day and boy, do I need that!”

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