What has God spoken to you about this week? Saturdays are a lazy kind of day for me and the kids (hubby is at work) and I have been contemplating what I have heard from Him this week. He speaks to me through so many different sources lately. From blogs that I read, from the Word, from songs, and from the quiet time that I spend with Him. Here are a few things that I have been pondering this week.

Busy-ness. I don’t think that God likes it when we are busy with things. This does not mean that I am doing anything sinful, but busy-ness takes away from my time spent with Him. This busy-ness can come in many forms, from volunteering at the church to volunteering at the school. It is not bad to volunteer, but it is so easy to become so busy doing “things” that you miss the important things. I am trying to determine what the important things are.

My ministry. God has been showing me that for this time in my life, my ministry is right here in my home. I have not been doing very well in this ministry. This includes the running of my home and the taking care of my husband and children. I have never seen it as a ministry, really, just as my life. I have been thinking on this quite a bit. This does not mean that I am not to minister to others, just that my main focus should be on God and my family at this season in my life.

What has God been saying to you? What insights can you offer me concerning the two things that God has laid on my heart? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Have a blessed weekend!

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. Hi Janis,
    I was just talking to my sister about this very thing. We can get swallowed up by obligations and ministry if we don’t use wisdom and allow God to set our priorities.

    Thanks for sharing!

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