Today is J’s 11th birthday. It seems like yesterday that I was holding his sweet 6lb 2oz little body. He is the one that made me a mommy. I always wanted to be a mommy. I am so proud of him. He is turning into such a wonderful guy that amazes me with his insight and knowledge. Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!



Happy Birthday!

I love you, Mom

P.S. This is my 50th post! In honor of J’s birthday and my 50th post, I am having a giveaway! Everyone who comments will be put into a drawing for a $10 e-certificate to Christian Book Distributors! This is my very favorite place to shop for books! If you want to be in the drawing, comment on posts this week (make sure that I have either your blog address or email addy) and I will put your name in a hat and have J to draw on Saturday morning! Have a good week!

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  1. I’m not doing this for a prize but much rather to wish a “Happy Birthday” to your son. I can hardly believe my oldest is going to be 4 and you almost have a preteen. Have a wonderful day celebrating the one who first made you a Mom. :0) Blessings!

  2. I guess we both have sons born on the same day, just two years apart =))))

    Happy 11th birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday J!!! Tell him my boys hope he has a great day!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your boy…don’t they grow fast? My daughter is 11, but she’s my youngest. So, we have that much in common!

    And hey…congrats on your 50th post!

    Blessings, Janis!

  5. Happy birthday to your guy! And 50 posts go by quickly, don’t they?

  6. I found your blog thru Enjoy the Journey. It seem to be everybody’s childrens birthdays this week. My oldest will be 7 on Saturday and I can’t understand how 7 years went by!!! Makes me feel old;) Hope your son has a blessed birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! They just grow up so fast. I wish their was a pill we could give them to freeze time for a while.

  8. I would have commented anyway because I have an 11 year old boy, too, and I call him J online. 😉 We just had an exciting re-birthday for him. He was baptized at church on Sunday. I put a picture on the photo blog, though—

  9. Time flies! I wish my kids would so down a bit!

    Happy Birthday to your little man.

  10. What sweet pictures! Happy Birthday to your son. When I saw the pictures, I thought of my son. He’s only 13mo, but it seems like yesterday that I had him. Now he’s up and walking around. A bit scary at times, but I’m still very proud! Before I know it, I’ll blink and he’ll be 11. But I try not to think about it too much..:o)

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