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“One of the secrets to a happy marriage is remembering the source of our joy, which is not one another. The source of our joy is the Lord. Yes, we share tons of joyous moments, but we don’t expect, let alone demand, endless joy-filled moments from each other.”
– Liz Curtis Higgs from her devotional “Rise and Shine

When I was growing up, I always imagined that my husband would be this mythical, perfect man that would take care of me. I also dreamed that marriage would complete me and make me the woman that I wanted to be. THEN I WOKE UP AND GREW UP! My husband is a wonderful, godly man that I love intensely, but he is not the man that I imagined when I was younger-he is even better. I found that marriage is work and can be difficult to keep together if you do not stay on top of it.

God knew that I didn’t need this perfect man that fulfilled my every wish, because I would then take him for granted and forget where my focus needed to be-on Him (God). Of course, every now and then, I would like to have the mythical man for an hour or two-especially when laundry needs to be done or there are dishes in the sink. The mythical man would have done them himself or hired me a maid, now wouldn’t he? Instead, I have this wonderful man who supports me in every thing I do. Who allows me to make mistakes and picks me up when I do. Who listens to me cry when I don’t feel like I am a good wife or mom. Would the mythical man do this? No. He would want me to be perfect like him and this I AM NOT.

Marriage is a sweet and sour adventure. Most of the time the sweetness is what I feel and taste going through my days, but every once in a while, the sour rears its ugly head and it makes my mouth pucker. I don’t like sour-not in my relationships or in my candy. Too much sweet can make my tummy hurt. The mythical man and mythical marriage would have been much too sweet. My husband gives me joy-but he is not my source. You see, my source is higher than him. My source is God, for He is the only one that can truly give me everything that I need.

My husband and I have been through a lot together. We have seen the bad side of friends that we thought were loyal, we have seen the despair that comes with the loss of a nephew, we have seen the pain that comes with the loss of a parent, we have survived the near death of a spouse, and we have seen the beauty in having three beautiful children. All joy? No, but I wouldn’t trade my life with him for all the chocolate sweets in the world.

For more takes on this quote visit Darlene Schacht here. Have a blessed day!
Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. Janis-

    This quote of yours really spoke to me:

    God knew that I didn’t need this perfect man that fulfilled my every wish, because I would then take him for granted and forget where my focus needed to be-on Him (God).

    That is so true!

    Thank you for sharing-

  2. Beautifully said. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Instead of being embittered when hubby doesn’t help me in some way, I have asked God to help me pray for single moms who do not have a moments relief. Sometimes, it does not work. 🙂 But it has helped change perspective..:))

  4. What an awesome post….thanks for your take on the quote for this week!

  5. He sounds wonderful. What a blessings,

  6. You expressed your thoughts very beautifully, bless you.

  7. “Too much sweet can make my tummy hurt.” You are so right. We need our men to make us better, not feed our egos.

  8. Thoughts very beautifully expressed!

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