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  1. Wow! A miracle……….

  2. A true miracle! I love the scripture you put with it!

  3. Amazing – what a true miracle

  4. Nothing but a miracle.

  5. Thanks for the evening tears! How precious!

  6. It truly is amazing . . . brought back memories of my little two pounder.

  7. Oh Janis, how beautiful…What a treasure to give back to God. I am overwhelmed..

  8. This photo immediately brought tears – to see how tiny he is, next to the hand over him. What a miracle children are, thank you for the reminder.

  9. What a sweet picture. Found you through Kim at Mercy Days.

  10. life, no matter how long or short it is, is precious and we should treasure every moment. my 28 weeker went home to Jesus at 1 mo. old. I’m grateful for the time that we had together. In one month he touched more lives than I may ever touch. thanks for sharing your pictures and your heart.

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