Parenting is hard. The good news is that we have an instruction manual-the Bible. It sometimes takes prayer in addition to the reading, but if we stay focused on God and His Word, then our parenting will benefit, as well as our relationship with our husband. I have been making a point of listening to Bible study podcasts while I am cleaning the house, folding clothes, etc. and God has been showing me so much. Here is an example:

I have been listening to the “Counter Cultural Woman” on Revive Our Hearts for about the last month. It has blessed me so much. I always thought that I could never measure up to that elusive Proverbs 31 woman, so I didn’t even try, but Nancy Leigh DeMoss pointed out something that I had not even considered. Yes, it is impossible to measure up to this woman in my own power, but with God’s power I can be molded and refined into a model of this woman. I have posted before about going through a period of God’s refining and I think that this Bible study has been a big part of this. I have seen Proverbs 31 through new eyes the past few weeks. If you want to listen to this series, you can find it at It began on February 12.

God is refining me-buffing out those rough spots and cutting some things off entirely. It is not comfortable or fun, but I know that it will make me into the woman that He wants me to be. That is what I desire with all my heart. I want to become His creation, rather than the person that I think that I should be. After all, He created me for such a time as this.

Father God, I thank You for your love and mercy. You are a God of new beginnings and mercies. Mold me and make me into the woman that You would have me to be. I am so unworthy of Your love and forgiveness, but I praise You for it. AMEN

What have you been listening to this week? Any podcasts or new music that you want to recommend? Send me a comment! Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. I have LOVED this podcast, too. Oh, my, how it has blessed my heart and inspired me. It is just what I needed this spring. I have a whole new outlook on Proverbs 31, to be sure. I am always so blessed by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

    AND by your blog! I nominated you for Thinking Blogger. Come visit and see. 🙂

  2. My new music?? Toby Mac! Yeah, I know..It doesn’t often appeal to the thirty something crowd but there is a cool song, “All In” that rocks. I want to be an “All In” kind of girl…

    Enjoyed this post Janis!

  3. Thanks for the heads up, I am going to have to check this out….

  4. Parenting is indeed hard, but if we will read the scriptures, God will inspire us!

  5. Thanks for the link–this sounds like something I will enjoy!

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