My Weekend and Thankful Thursday

This is a dual post, since Blogger decided to eat my weekend post, including the pictures. My weekend was a great deal of fun with the kids, but it was too cold for April. Other than that, we all had fun and enjoyed being away from the normalness of home for a couple of days. We ate, ate, swam, ate, went to a show, ate, went to the flea market, and did I say, that we ate? Here are a few pictures.

This is the stream behind the hotel. It would have been fun to wade in if it was warmer. See the ducks? They were so cute!You know it’s cold if the horses have to wear their coat/blanket. This was outside of the Dixie Stampede. The horses are just so beautiful!

This is me and the kids at the aquarium. See the pigtails on the girls? KA thought that I should wear pigtails, too, but my hubby forbid it. I compromised with the ponytail. The Aquarium of the Smokies is a must see if you have kids. There is a tube that you ride a escalator-type belt through and the sharks, stingrays, and other fish swim above and around you-very cool. Of course, my favorite part was the flea markets. It was cold and rainy, but flea markets are fun anyways-especially indoor ones!
Thankful Thursday
1. I am thankful that God loves me. I don’t deserve it in any way, but He is still right there waiting on me.
2. I am thankful for the time I got to spend with my hubby and kids this weekend. We don’t get to do that very often, because hubby works so much, so I am thankful for a stolen weekend away.
3. I am thankful for my mom. She is so good to me and my kids. I am thankful that we made it through my teenage years to become friends now.
4. I am thankful for my friends. They make me feel loved and needed. I only hope that I give them the same.
5. I am thankful for my home.
6. I am thankful for my work. I am behind this week, but I am thankful that I have clients that continue to allow me to work with them. I am a very blessed woman to get to work at home.
Thankfulness can make you more appreciative of what you have. To read more thankful posts, visit our wonderful host, Iris.
Smiles and Loves

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  1. I really enjoyed your thankful list sweety. I am glad you enjoyed your weekend.I love the pictures.

  2. i am glad you had such a great Dixie Stampede!

  3. I have really enjoyed your list. It was wonderful . You and your girls are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the wonderful post and beautiful pictures. I am glad you had a great weekend.

    In his endless love,

    Angel ( Angel Mama Pearls of Wisdom)

  4. We really liked the Gatlinburg Aquarium too! Even better than the new portion of our local one!

    Glad you had fun. Missed seeing you last night!

  5. So glad you had such a nice week! I hate when Blogger eats my posts! thanks for persisting!

    Great list. It’s always so fortifying to take a moment to give thanks–we have so much to be thankful for!


  6. I am so glad that you had a great time away as a family! My mom is my best friend and now my daughter (22) is telling me that she considers me her best friend. God is so good. I am thankful what my mom modeled to me and that I was able to in turn do the same with my daugther.

  7. I am so glad God gave ya’ll a great weekend. I love the smokies. And I feel the same about my Mom. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is my first visit to your blog. I really enjoyed reading your Thankful post. Family, friends and the Lord – great things to be thankful for.
    Your trip looks like fun. I’m glad you all had a good time.

  9. I am glad your weekend was enjoyable and restful hopefully! 🙂

  10. Thank you for sharing your past weekend with us. I love ‘stolen away’ weekends. We are so busy–run, run and forget how blessed we are with the people we have in our life.

    Blessings on your weekend and always.

  11. Oh I loved the pictures!!! And enjoyed reading your thankful list.

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