I am finally getting well! Hallelujah! Between trying to work while sick and trying to make sure that my house and family is taken care of, I have been just hanging on by my fingernails. After the strep throat, I dealt with allergies that just seem to get worse the older I get. Anyways, I am back!

Two weeks and four days until vacation. I am soooo ready! Four more days of school for the big kids. One more day of babysitting for me. It is all just a countdown right now. I wonder what God thinks of my countdowns? I don’t countdown the days until church. I don’t countdown the minutes and hours until I get to spend time with Him. Hmmm. I am sure that there is something to be learned here. I will think on that some more.

Change is coming at our church. We are getting ready for a big move to a new building and a new neighborhood this summer. I am working on the Nursery up through two year old part of it. That is four rooms for me. This has been a lot more work than I previously thought, because we are trying to determine what to take, leave, purchase, etc. In addition, I want to begin some new programs and that is taking up time, too. For all of you moms, what do you want from your child’s nursery? What are some things that you feel is missing from nursery ministry? I have always believed that even babies can learn about Jesus, but finding the right curriculum or materials is not very easy for this age group. I am planning a baby shower for the nursery to help get supplies, toys, and more for these rooms. We are moving from three rooms to four in the new building and our toys are as old as me, so I want to begin anew.

Sorry for all of the rambling thoughts this morning. My brain is just spinning today. Well, I am going to go back to work. I am writing articles on colon issues this morning. Not much fun, but it pays for vacation!

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. Great…you finally post and I miss it!

    I’m soooo glad you’re feeling better, though I know how bad allergies can be. I have an air purifier in my room just so I can breathe. I can definitely sympathize with you.

    I’m counting down the days until our vacation as well.

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