Birthdays, Weight Loss, and Life

My birthdays are not my favorite day of the year. I turned 36 on Sunday and it really hit me that I am on the downward slope of my 30’s. I should be smarter and wiser than I am now. I still feel like that unsure teenager, instead of a woman that is 36 with three kids. I asked my grandma if she felt 83 and she said that she felt it physically but not mentally. I guess that is just normal.

My journey to a healthier me is going okay. I maintained for last week, but after the huge loss the week before, I was just glad to stay the same. I have been kicking booty this week with my eating and exercise though, so hopefully there will be a loss on Friday.

God is sooo working on me lately. I have been reading “Living a Purposeful Life” by Jan Johnson and it is really blessing me. I have also been reading in Esther and am finding new little tidbits in there that I have missed before. Isn’t that awesome how that works? Even though you may have read a passage of the Bible 100 times, God can still make it new to you. I just LOVE that!

I am getting my paperwork together to start college again in the fall. Scary, but exciting all at the same time. I will be taking online classes until my youngest starts school next fall and then I will probably take some classes on campus. I love going to school. I know, I am weird.

God is so richly blessing our lives. I am so overwhelmed at the opportunities that He has put in front of me. Isn’t God good?

What is God doing for you right now?

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, I dont look forward to birthday’s either. I also am 36, so we will go down the slope together =) Good luck in getting healtier!! What will you be studying? Good luck!

  2. Happy Birthday. I remember that turning thirty seemed so old. But you’re on the right track about it, college track.

    Something about learning something you didn’t know, and working toward a goal keeps us young, so congratulation, you’re already doing it.

  3. Happy Birthday!! I wish I had known and we could have celebrated somehow!

    What are you going to be studying in school?

  4. Happy Birthday!

    I think it’s great you’re going back to school. I always loved learning.

    I also love how the Word can come alive time and time again, no matter how many times we’ve read something. The Bible certainly is the best book that way!!!

  5. Happy Birthday! I loved my 30s and turn 40 this year and can’t wait! I think it just gets better and better. Good for you for returning to college. What an undertaking!

  6. I love school too. I’d go the rest of my life if I could!!

    And I have had the same revelation about never really feeling older- just me in different packaging…

  7. Way to go!
    Happy Birthday!
    I turned 40 last month and I choose to think about the 40 years of wisdom I have under my belt!

    God bless, you are so pretty!

  8. Happy Birthday!! (I love school, too–you’re not weird, lol!)

    I feel younger in my forties than I did in my thirties. That may have something to do with my oldest entering high school; I’m reliving my past, consulting my memories.

  9. Happy belated birthday, Janis!! (I know what you mean about the “downward slop”… I’m turning 40 in just a few weeks! Ack!) But you are SO doing it right- tackling your health and going back to college! You are being such a good steward of the mind and body that God has given you. Good for you! Update us on what you’re studying. 🙂

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