I went with my son to the middle school orientation today that just happens to be in my old high school stomping grounds. What memories were flowing through my mind while I was walking the halls? My kids probably thought I was crazy. I kept saying to them, “I used to sit right there on that bench during lunch.” and “I used to check out of school all the time in that office. Look, there are the same secretaries!” 18 years ago I graduated from those halls and the school began to be used as a middle school that next year when the new high school was complete. Isn’t it neat that my son will be enjoying the last year that the school will be used at all? They are building a new middle school now that will be complete Fall 2008. The even neater thing is that my fourth grade teacher is working at the middle school and she recognized me without me giving her my name. Okay, that is a LONG time ago! She was one of my favorite teachers in elementary and I was so excited to see her again. Memories are fun, but they also make you a little sad, too. Here is to school starting on Thursday. A time of making memories that you will never forget!

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. Janis- That IS cool. A lot of the people I went to school with growing up stayed in my home town and their kids now attend the same schools. I get our home town weekly newspaper and I’m reading about my classmates kids now in school activities and I think that in some respects it might be kind of comforting having your child go to a school that’s familiar.

  2. Be sure to visit my blog sweet friend =))

  3. I am so excited! You were my first comment on a post by someone I don’t know in real life or who didn’t come because of a comment or link on another blog, ie: WFMW or a contest! Thanks for visiting. Come back and commment again!

  4. My son is starting middle school, too—my oldest kid! I’m excited for him and scared. I am a long way from my hometown now, and seems like it would be wonderful to run into those people I knew “way back when.” I also graduated 18 years ago! 😉 but this summer is my hubby’s 20th. Whew! When did I get so old?

  5. Wow, I cannot imagine going back to my old high school. I can’t decide how it would make me feel, LOL. Good for you that your fourth grade teacher recognized you. You must look like “you”! 🙂

    Happy back to school!

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