I have not participated in Thankful Thursday in a few weeks and I have certainly missed it. My heart is full of praise today for many different reasons and I want to share them with you and with God. Many times, I take for granted the blessings that God sends my way and that is wrong. I want Him to know how much I appreciate each thing – no matter how small – that He gives me and my family.

I am thankful for:

1. Vacation – The time at the beach was awesome with my husband and the kids.

2. Independence – Both of our country and of ourselves through Him.

3. Opportunities – God has placed some awesome opportunities into my lap lately. From reviewing Christian fiction to taking a writing class to going back to college. I am amazed at how well He knows me and my desires.

4. Friends – My friends that I have are just awesome! Both those that I have “met” online and the real life ones. The real life ones have seen me struggling the last few weeks or so, but have been there for me with their shoulders and advice.

5. Family – My family would not fit anyone else, but I fit in their craziness. From a 30-year old brother who collects Star Wars figures to a 29-year old sister who carries a gun, somehow I fit. They are unusual, but they are my family. My mom and dad have always been there for me – no matter what.

6. Husband – He is great! I am so much more in love with Him than I was almost 11 years ago when we got married. I love to see him holding my youngest reading her a book. It makes my heart melt.

7. Children – They are each so different, even though they all came from me. They amaze me each and everyday with their intelligence and senses of humor.

8. Kick in the Butt – Everyone needs a good kick every now and then and God has really given me one lately. I am on a journey to lose over 100 pounds in the next year and with God’s help, I will succeed! My health is suffering from this extra weight and I cannot live with it anymore. Pray that I will stay on track.

God puts blessings in our path each and every day. What are you thankful for today? Visit Iris and see what other bloggers are thankful for.

Book review coming soon with another giveaway! Check back later today!

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. I’m so happy you are joining in this week with TT! You have a joy filled list and sound like you are a very blessed lady!! May God give you the strength to meet your weight loss goals in this next year! That is awesome! Blessings to you from Okinawa Japan!

  2. Yes, we do all need a good kick in the pants sometimes. That made me giggle. πŸ˜‰ I enjoyed reading your list. May God bless you on your weight loss journey!

  3. God has been kicking me in the butt a lot lately too. I guess if He does it often enough then it will be too sore for me to sit down and I will have to keep moving.
    Don’t give up!
    Thanks or your list.

  4. Beautiful list! I share many of the same thankful things. Have a wonderful Thursday πŸ™‚

  5. I so much loved reading your post. I actually read it more than once!
    We spent Wednesday afternoon on the beach. I had forgotten how beautiful it is to put your feet deep in the hot sand!
    Oh and I try to understand how it is possible that my children can be so different from each other. I am gaving up trying to make them how I want them to be. I try to help them become the best versions of who they are.
    I am on my journey rediscovering Christianity, and that is another reason to be thankful for.
    And I have some 20kgs to lose, too. DR’s orders.
    A fellow blogger, Annie at http://mylifeasannie.blogspot.com is posting diet devotions. You may want to visit her.
    Wishin gyou the very best, and God’s grace.

  6. Great list, Janis. I love your #8! I’m experiencing a KITB at the moment in another area, and it was nice to be reminded this morning to be *thankful* for it. I needed that! And I’ll be praying for you to stay on track, too. Great list!!

  7. How lovely! You stopped by my cyberhome while I was visiting yours. Thank you for your sweet comment.

  8. Welcome back to thankful thursday, loved your thankful list.

  9. Great list! Thanks for stopping by mine. I’m on a weight loss journey too. I’ve been talking about it and thinking about it and reading about it and studying different weight loss plans for over ten years and I finally decided that now is the time to DO something about it. Here’s to us, making healthy changes for a healthy life!


  10. So glad you had time away with family! Here’s to you success one small step at a time in your weight loss journey….

  11. Thank you for stopping by today! You have a wonderful thankful list and I pray that you succeed in your weight loss goal. I am on that journey myself.

  12. Great list and all wonderful things to be thankful for. I will certainly pray for your weight loss journey. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I finally had gastric bypass several years ago and while I know it is not for everyone, it was the BEST thing I have ever done for myself. I will be 39 next month and I feel better than I ever did in my twenties. As I said, I know it is not for everyone but if you have any questions ever please let me know. I say that because I took the journey β€œalone” and would have loved to had someone to tell me what to expect.

    Have a blessed day.


  13. Janis, I will pray for your #12. I’m struggling with a certain amount of weight and I hate what it is doing to certain areas of my life. {hugs} & blessings, C

  14. wonderful list! I know how you feel about the weight loss issues – I am dealing with that too. I will be praying for you and spurring you on!

  15. Good to see that you have joined back in TT! I appreciate your thoughtful Thankful list! And, a good kick in the butt is needed every now and then! πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing! And, thank you for stopping by my blog! πŸ™‚

  16. You can totally lose the weight! I’ll be cheering you on!

    Loved your list, esp. the part about needing a kick in the pants!


  17. Ah – vacation time is the best time of the year – especially if it involves a beach *smile* – my favorite place on earth.
    Oh – maybe I should take a writing class to get better in English writing – that would be cool.
    We all need a little push sometimes — no matter in what situation. I hope and pray that you will archive your goal to loose 100 pounds. Remember: “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength”.

    Thank you so much for joining in this week and sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

    Be blessed today and always.

  18. Just found your blog. It seems a lot of us are on a “weight loss” journey. I’ve been on one for a year. I managed to get 50 off last year and now I’m working on my next 100! I’m taking it slow. I think it’s way harder to keep it off than to loose it in the first place. So, slow and steady wins the race. I think I’ll post my diet on my blog, to help remotivate myself! I pray God blesses your efforts!

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