What is Your Favorite Bible Verse?

I was thinking this morning about the Bible verses that really speak to me. Do you have a favorite one? I have found that I have several favorites that have spoken to me over my life. I think that it is the neat part about the Bible. It can speak to you in many different ways and in many different situations. In fact, you can read it one time and not get anything, but read it later and it move you to tears. It is the LIVING Word of God and I truly believe that it has that ability to stir us, convict us, encourage us, guide us, and love on us. That is quite amazing, isn’t it? So, throw some Bible verses at me, my friends! I am curious to see how God is speaking to you today! Here is mine for today!

I have a hard time being still and letting God handle all of the details. God has been speaking to me about giving it all to Him and letting Him handle it, instead of trying to fix it myself.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend full of time with friends and family.

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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