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Life has a way of giving you exactly what you want sometimes. The thing is, you didn’t realize all of the ramifications of getting what you want or you might not have wanted them in the first place. Case in point-school. Who knew that brain cells started dying off in the 30’s until you were left with very few by the late part of your 30’s? That may not be scientific, but I am sure that I was smarter when I was younger. These two classes are kicking my big patootie. It is just two classes, people! When I went to college after high school I took six classes! What is up with that? I have all A’s, which is awesome, but I had to WORK for those A’s. It has been somewhat fun, however, as I am learning so much about the Bible. Now, if I could only talk my dear hubby into hiring a maid and nanny….

The kids have been out of school this week. It has been quite a bit of fun hanging out with them this week at Playworld Down Under (huge indoor playground) and the Crow Creek Pumpkin Farm. They have cleaned their rooms (a miracle from God, I assure you) and are now quietly playing in their rooms (i.e., they are up to something). Last week, I took the girls to see Disney on Ice, which was quite fun-especially watching their little faces. Oh, to be that young again!

K had a birthday this week. She is now 8, which FREAKS me out! Of course, A is now telling me that she is going to be 8 on her next birthday, simply because she wants to be like her big sis, but I keep assuring her she is only going to be 4. Birthday party tomorrow night at our house throws me into a cleaning tizzy. Members of my dear family, who shall remain nameless, get their kicks by pointing out my dust laden fan blades and other cleaning failures, so I have to clean. My only worry is that if I clean off the dust, the fan may not work. Who knows? I am not a cleaner, but I will do my best. Anyways, I guess I must go now. I hope your week is going great. I have missed catching up with all of you and hope to be able to stop by your blogs and see how you are all doing.

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. Good luck with your cleaning…from a kindred non-cleaner. I do what I have to, but I definitely would rather curl up with a good book instead.

    I love when things ARE clean; I just don’t like having to be the one to do it. If I had a housekeeper, I’d be happier than a cat on a soft blanket!

    Ah, unfortunately I don’t always get the time to read either. I checked out Off The Record from the library. Three weeks went by, and I still hadn’t read it. I had to bring it back. I carried it to work and back in my bag, but only got halfway through it. 🙁 I’ll have to reserve it again. Thanks for the great book recommendations, though.

  2. How ironic. My sad face 🙁 above is broken in two!

    Well, it made me smile now!

  3. Turning 8 . . . my oldest is turning 4 tomorrow. I can’t imagine her turning 8 yet. :0)

    I had to smile about school being easier when younger. I imagine after having my brain cells dwindle in pregnancies I’d find school much harder too. It’s a good thing we’re starting at the kindergarten level over here . . . I’m learning a lot along with my little one. So, it’s like I’m in school but it’s “easy” school for me. ;0)

  4. Congrats on your A’s! I know what you mean about it being harder… I’m not in school, but I’m homeschooling algebra and freshman English this year and my brain cells aren’t firing like they used to, LOL.

    Sounds like it was a great fall break!

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