Thanksgiving stirs up all different sorts of memories for me. From the Thanksgiving that my previous aunt cooked spaghetti (I was shocked!) to the many Thanksgiving’s spent in my great-grandmothers house to those spent with my in-laws, I have found that Thanksgiving is one holiday that causes me to think. Why? Because I have to psyche myself up for this day each and every year. It has become somewhat more difficult since I married, simply because I have to cook each year, but this year it is especially more difficult due to the fact that my back has went out and when walking, I look like an 100-year old woman. I will persevere over cooking the dressing, however, and I will have the proper attitude when sitting down for lunch tomorrow. (see, I am already working on it!LOL)

Thanksgiving traditions have fell by the wayside with marriage, too. My MIL has her dinner at the same time as the one at my great-grandmothers house (although she passed several years ago and it is my great-aunt’s home now) and this has made it somewhat bittersweet for me. I love my MIL, but not spending Thanksgiving with your own family is difficult for me. Instead, due to work commitments, my family will be eating together on Sunday. Change is not something that I am particularly good with and this change is sucking some of the joy out of the holidays for me. I am trying to overcome it, but in combination with being in pain, it is not an easy thing to master.

What Thanksgiving traditions do you feel that you cannot live without? Whether it is a specific food, tradition, or location, let me know. I just want to see that I am not alone in my ramblings today!

If you have made it this far, please leave me a comment. Any comment on posts between now and Monday, November 26th, will be put into a drawing for a wonderful book, When the Morning Comes, by Cindy Woodsmall. To read more about this book, scroll down.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Smiles and Loves! Janis

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  1. Janis, I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving despite missing traditions and not feeling too great. My family went away a lot for Thanksgiving & other holidays so we didn’t have any tried and true traditions that I can’t live without (except my Mom’s cookies at Christmas but that’s Christmas not Thanksgiving). I’d like to do a traditional meal for my kids as they get older but I’m not a stickler on it. My hubby’s family has had a turkey pot pie, stuffing, veggies, pumpkin & apple pie type meal for years. We did a traditional dinner last year but it was too stressful, the kids were anxious and in tears by the time the meal got on the table, and we came away from it saying we’ll try it again in a couple years. For now, the tradition isn’t worth the stress.

  2. hope you have a nice thanksgiving anyways.

  3. Hello, Please enter me in your wonderful contest! One “tradition”
    of Thanksgiving I like is that my
    family shares the holiday gatherings. That makes it easier on everyone and the holidays are more relaxed and comforting. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sincerely, Cindi

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