Dog Bites, Christmas Gifts, and Life…Oh My!

Well, the Christmas season here at our house started off not so well. Sunday morning, while I was at church, my sister called to let me know that she was taking my middle child, KA, to the hospital. It seems that her Great Dane had decided to bite my 8-year old in the face. As my sister is known for her overreactions, I had calmed down considerably on the 30-minute drive to the hospital, only to find that this time she was not overreacting. KA was lying in the hospital bed when I arrived, so when I saw her, I was very taken aback to find that about half of her bottom lip was not connected to her face. The doctor managed to stitch her back together physically after almost 40 stitches, but mentally she is still not quite herself. If you think about it, can you say a prayer for her? Eight is such a young age to not be feeling like you are beautiful. She is not interested in going to church this Sunday, so I am going to stay home with her and read the Bible, since her stitches don’t come out until Sunday.

Christmas gifts were way too much this year. My hubby got me lots of good things, including two different Bibles that I had requested, the Alias boxset, and more. My mom outdid herself, as she does every single year, for me, my husband, and the kids. It was a good day that was only slightly overshadowed by KA’s injury.

School for me starts back on the 9th. The kids go back on the 8th, so life will be back to business in just a few weeks. I am enjoying the down time for now.

How was your Christmas? What are you looking forward to in 2008?

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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