Men are from ?, Women are from Earth

Have you ever noticed how differently men and women react to things? I have. Today, I took KA to school for the first time since “the incident.” I walked her in so that I could talk to her teacher (a man). I said, “KA was bit by a dog over the Christmas break. Her lip was torn and she had 40 stitches. ” He said, “Well, at least her face is still all there.” I said, “It was traumatic for her.” I then walked out. All the way to the car, I was fuming. I could have frailed him! I can just see the headlines in the paper, “Crazy Mom Attacks 2nd Grade Teacher.” I think that I could have beat the rap for assault. If it had been a woman, she would have hugged KA and been sufficiently sympathetic, but nooooooo, she had to get a man, who thinks that since her face is still connected, then everything is fine. MEN!!!!!!

Anyways, I guess he just couldn’t think of anything to say, so that just came out, but it was not what I expected this morning. Oh, well! Onward and upward! I hope you have a wonderful day, full of joy and love!

Have a blessed day! Smiles and Loves! Janis

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