The tendency is to lay off of Bible study and just do it under our own power. I find this especially true in my own life. Life has been pretty average lately, with no major ups and downs, and this is the worst time for me in regards to my time in the Word. It should not be that way, however. We should use this time to gain strength for the coming battle ahead – for it is sure to come. No battles yet that I can see, but I did spend time with God this morning. I don’t want to be overcome by the storms. I want to weather them with grace and peace. By spending time with Him every single day – no matter whether life is good or not, I can gain that strength. God was just waiting on me to realize that I need Him all the time. Not just during the bad times. Why did it take 36 years to figure this out? I must be a S-L-O-W learner! God is so patient with me and I thank Him for that. I surely must be frustrating to Him, yet He still loves me. That is so amazing to me! What has God been speaking to You about this week? Share with me via email ( or leave a comment.

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