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Things I Love…

As today is Valentine’s Day, what else would we discuss today?

I love…

-To watch my husband with our children. Nothing else melts my heart quite as much as this.

-To watch my children playing together. No, not when they are fighting, but when they are actually getting along.

-To walk through a bookstore with no purpose in mind.

-To walk through a thrift store with no purpose in mind.

-To talk to my husband in bed late at night.

-To pick up my children from school every day.

-To write an article and get a compliment on it.

-To talk to my friends about nothing at all.

-To curl up on the couch, under a blanket, and read a good book.

-To surprise my husband.

-To watch my daughters curl up in their daddy’s lap.

-To watch the kids swarm their dad when he comes home at night.

-To hug.

-To have time to cook cookies and other treats for my kids.

-To sit in my mom’s lap (yes, still at the age of 36 and much too heavy).

-To sit on the couch with my dad.

-To send cards to friends and family.

-To learn.

-To make my house into a home.

-My friends.

-My family.

What do you love? Have a day filled with love and enjoyment!

Smiles! Janis

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