I can definitely say without a doubt that yesterday was the best Valentine’s Day that I have ever had. No, I did not get diamonds or gold, but I got something much more important. I had the pleasure (and pride) of watching my family love on each other. I decided that we were each going to tell or write a note to each other describing why we love them. I wrote my notes to my hubby and the kids, KA wrote her notes, A just told each person that she loves them (she is just 4), J went around to each person and told why he loved them and played us a song on his sax, and my hubby told each child and me what he loved most about each of us. It had me crying at a few points, just because it was so touching. I bought the kidlets some candy and hubby brought them candy as well. We turned it from just a holiday for us to a holiday for the entire family, which was so much better. Yes, I did receive my coveted box of Turtles that I receive every year, but I also received a memory that will last a lifetime, which is much longer than the Turtles will last! What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

Smiles and Loves! Janis

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