I can tell that my kids are ready to get out of school. The meltdowns that we are having every single morning tell me that they are ready to sleep late and hang out with mom.

Yesterday, J (son, 12) had his meltdown because his alarm did not go off at 6 and he didn’t wake up until 6:30. Now, those of you who have had the pleasure of having my son sleep over know that he is up at the crack of dawn. If he doesn’t get up when he wants to, woe to those who are around him. Yes, he had plenty of time to get ready, but he missed his show at 6 and that is catastropic to him.

This morning it was darling K (daughter, 8) who had on daisy duke shorts that I vetoed. She was not happy with me that I wanted her to wear shorts that cover her bottom. Darn that mom!LOL

The last two mornings, I left early to take them to school, simply because they were driving me bonkers. Am I a bad mom for wanting to only slow down and push them out of the van while driving by? I didn’t do that, but I am just saying…..

Thank God it is just one more week. What are ya’ll up to?

Smiles and Loves!

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