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Dear 2020 Janis

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2020 new year

Dear 2020 Janis,

What a year it has been for you personally and professionally! You not only paid off your van this year, but you also helped Phillip pay off all of your debt. You took one great trip this year with the entire family and a couple of weekends for you and Phillip to set goals and see where you were halfway through the year.

You had such a great time at Rise in San Diego and Rise Business! The people you met are among your best friends and they encourage you every single day to be a better you.

Your most proud accomplishment is finally focusing on your health. You have not only lost down to your pre-Jacob weight, but you can walk 2 miles without dying. No more feeling huge and you are feeling more energetic, sleeping better, and loving yourself finally! Maybe a 5K in 2021?

You read so many great books this year. You read over 50 personal development books and untold numbers of fiction. You started writing your own book and sent out 10 of your posts/articles to different online platforms for bylines.

You have enough regular clients to bring in at least $8000 per month and have set strict work hours to find that separation you needed. It is amazing how much you can get done now that you finally feel better. Working out of the house 3 days a week has given you so much mentally. You work more efficiently at the office and are finally hitting your stride.

2020 was one of the healthiest years for you. You have gained so much in your walk with God, walk with yourself, and walk with others. I am so proud of you!

2019 Janis

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