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Get Back Up and Keep Going

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get back up

It’s been a hard month, ya’ll. First of all, I started working with this agency owner (local) and thought it was going great when all of a sudden she says it’s not working out. I don’t care how long you have been in the freelance biz, it affects your confidence, but you must get back up.

My hubby and I had planned a weekend away and found a super cheap cruise for the weekend. We planned an excursion and went on the cruise – only to have it rain for 2 of the 3 days, have our excursion canceled, and spend days in severe leg pain, but I continued to get back up – even though I was in pain.

Come home from the cruise feeling out of sorts and my daughter has a dance competition that weekend. Get a call from my mom that my dad is in the hospital the night before the said competition. The competition went great, but dad didn’t get out of the hospital for 2 more days.

The same week had to go have ultrasounds of legs. They kept asking me weird questions, so my feeling is that something is wrong. Just waiting on my doctor to call back – hopefully on Monday.

So here I am in the third week of February with barely anything done. I really want to climb into bed and sleep the rest of the month away, but you know….so I get back up. I keep posting on my social media outlets. I keep applying for writing and VAing jobs. I keep doing me. Yes, I feel a bit down about it, but I am not a quitter and I know this time shall pass.

If this is you today, know that I understand. I know there are times when you want to give up on your dream. I know there are times you are just tired of being tired. I also know you have the power and strength inside you to GET. BACK. UP. That is the difference between us and those who don’t achieve their goals. You can do it, my friend.

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