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6 Tips for Schooling at Home

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The coronavirus has thrust moms into a new role. Whether you want to or not, you are suddenly in charge of not only doing your own work, but you are also a homeschooling mom. The social distancing we are all practicing means that our normal lives are not so normal anymore. Working from home (if you didn’t previously) and homeschooling are now our lives. How do we make the most of this season?

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1. Ditch Expectations

You may have these expectations of you and your child working harmoniously side by side at the table, but it will most likely not work like that. Instead, you will most likely have to “encourage” them to do their work via bribery or punishments. Ditch the sunny expectations and learn to live in the moment – even if learning only lasts 15 minutes at a time.

2. Give Yourself (and Your Child) Grace

Building off the previous tip – when things don’t measure up to expectations, realize that your child is just as thrown off by these changes. Give them and yourself some grace. Take a break and try, try again!

3. Schedule the Day

As closely as possible, you want to schedule the day as they had at school. It will not work perfectly, but it can at least give you some periods of learning. If your child is older, let them help you make the schedule, so they feel some ownership and control.

4. Get Up and Get Ready

It is easy to use this time to get caught up on rest by sleeping late every day but to get things done, you need to set a time to wake up. If you are working at home, it may be best for you to wake up before your child, so you can get some things done before they get up. Getting dressed and ready for the day gives your brain the signal it is time to start your day.

5. Make a Plan

Go into the day with some type of plan as far as the work you want your child to work on and what you need to do. This can be very helpful. Either at the end of the day before or the night before, sit down and see what needs to be done and create a plan to do it.

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6. Spend Time in Prayer and Study

One of the most important things you can do to make it through this season is to stay close to God. Spend time in prayer regularly. Ask for Him to give you strength and to guide your steps. None of us are going to make it without Him. Do a Bible study and spend time in His Word and watch Him show you things you never imagined.

This season will end. You can choose to spend it doing all you can to make it through, or you can look back on it as a time of misery. Be grateful for this “down” time we have all been given and use it to strengthen your relationship with God and your family.

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