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Being a Flitter-er

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As I was sitting in line the other day waiting on my daughter, I watched birds flying around the lawn. These birds would all come down to the lawn to graze en masse and then, in a moment, be back up in the air or in the tree. Their flittering around really caught my attention.

So what does it mean to flitter around? The definition of “flitter” is to “move quickly in an apparently random or purposeless manner.”

Are we as Christians flittering our way through life? We go to church on Sundays and worship together, but as soon as church is over, we go back to our hectic life. We go out to eat, stop at the store, go home and cook, and just get back to our reality. Often, we do not speak or see these like-minded people until the next Sunday or spend time in prayer and worship either.

We dabble, flitter in our Christian walk. Instead of being all in, no matter where we are or what we are doing, we let life break our focus. We let life distract us from what is most important – living for God. Just as those birds come down for food in the lawn and then flit away, we come to church for our spiritual food and then go back to normalcy.

I am tired of flittering. I am tired of beating my wings trying to get somewhere – only to stay in the same place. I want to bask in the goodness of God and what He has to offer me. So, quit flittering and focus on Him and His will for your life! Your relationship with God will grow and your life will change!

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