Birthday Musings: #49

Last week I turned 49. Although birthdays don’t typically affect me, thinking about being one year before 50 is a little staggering. We typically spend my birthday week at the beach (my fave place) and this year was no different. I wanted to commemorate the 49th in a healthy and positive way, so I decided I would write down 49 things I like about myself.


At first I was thinking about physical things, such as my eyes, hair, hands, etc,. but it quickly moved into more character related things. I moved pretty quickly through the numbers until about 30 – then it became very hard to come up with things I liked. I pressed on and finished off the list. Looking at it now, a week later, I am proud of it.

You see, a year ago I would have had a hard time finding 9 things I liked about myself. I have been really working hard to find myself and this means I have to learn to like myself and celebrating that on my birthday was perfect!

So today I am proud to be 49 and I am proud of how far I have come in a year. Numbers mean nothing when you are defined by how God sees you. Come get me 50!

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