3 Benefits of Positivity


I have to make a choice every single day. I make a choice to get out of bed. I make a choice to be kind to my family. I make a choice to get my work done. I choose to drink water. I make a choice to get my activity in. Life is full of choices. Even during this time of the pandemic, when we feel like some of our choices have been taken away, we choose how we react. I choose to look at life through a veil of positivity.

Positivity is Contagious

The way I deal with all the things going on affects not only me, but my family and even my friends. If I am beaten down by the regulations and fighting against them, my family will follow my example. That is why I choose to try to find the positive in all situations. Some may think I am just wearing rose-colored glasses, but I think some things are not worth moving into a negative headspace.

Positivity Is Joy-Saving

I have been through times where I have lost my joy, so I know how that feels. That is why I am so careful to nourish my joy and positivity is a massive part of that. Joy is one of the fruits of the spirit, so I have to choose to live my life in joy and show joy to others. This translates into “Thank You’s” to workers who are stressed, whether in person, in the drive-through, or at the front of the store counting. This translates into notes to friends reminding them to be joyful.

Positivity Fights the Negativity

If you have been on social media in the last few months, you know what a negative place it can be. I choose to unfollow (not unfriend) those who are having a negative period or skimming over their posts, instead of letting myself be caught up in their drama. I post positive, uplifting things myself, and try not to post anything that could be controversial or disrupting. I don’t want it on my page.

I am a Pollyanna right now (I am sure some of you don’t know who that is). I try to find the positive in situations not only for my soul but for those who are having a hard time. I choose to find a silver lining in the dark clouds. I choose to see the rainbow in the storm. I choose to radiate God’s love and joy through my words.

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