Christian Values in Business: How to Instill Them

Christian values in business – this subject is one that is near and dear to my heart. It is one I have talked to other business owners about, too. How do we instill our Christian values in our business – no matter what kind of business it is? Whether you have a service-based or a product-based business, if you are a Christian, you want to be sure it is seen in how you run your business and deal with clients/customers. As a content manager and assistant, I try to show God’s love and characteristics through the way I deal with clients and do my work. Here are some ways I try to instill Christian values in my business.

christian values in business
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Choose to Work With Others Who Are Aligned

I choose to work with clients who align with my own values. It may not mean that they are a Christian, but it does mean they have the basic tenets I believe in, including love, respect, and positivity. This is why I chose to do Discovery Calls with all clients. I want to see how we interact and “jibe” with each other in this way.

Choose to Go Above and Beyond

I choose not to just go through the motions of their project. I put a lot of thought and analysis into everything I do to ensure I meet their needs and exceed their expectations. I think this is the way Jesus would want me to treat my clients who have invested their money in my business and using my talents.

Choose to Be Transparent

I am professional, but I also lead from my heart. I think you can do both and if you can find the balance, you can be quite successful. I am finding (a year into my full-time journey) when I have a relationship connection with them, we both work better and more cohesively. My clients know me, and they know what I stand for, and I know them. It is this relationship that keeps them sharing my information with friends/colleagues that need my help.

Choose to Yield Decisions to Him

My business is His. I would not be where I am right now with Him and His leading. When you yield your business and the decisions to the one who made everything, you don’t have to worry when a client decides to discontinue their contract. You know it opens up a space for someone else you can help with your service or product.

Choose to Give Back

Because my business belongs to Him means I choose to give from the proceeds of my business in the form of tithes and my time. I also endeavor to take time to focus on Him daily and give it all over to Him. This helps center me mentally and reminds me of where my focus should be.

I hope that others see Christ in how I work, how I respond to them, and how I value them, and their business. In this way, Christ can be glorified through me and the business He has created for me. Then I know everything will work out just as He planned for me. What could be better?

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