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Personal Development God’s Way

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Some Christians tend to shy away from personal development books, retreats, and groups. I tend to think of it a little differently than most. I believe God means for us to be all we can be through Him. Sometimes this can mean learning from others in the form of books and other events. I have a pretty strong sense of intuition and discernment and can take what is Godly based and leave what is not. I think everyone has a story to tell and we can learn from them. No matter where they are in their Christian walk, I can learn about how they think, feel, and communicate, which can help me to minister to them on their level.

Personal Development to Learn

I have learned so much over the past year. From learning about mindset to Biblical principles to how to start a business, I have read dozens of books this past year to help me to grow and learn. I am a life-long learner and you will very seldom find me without a book with me, whether it is on my Kindle, in paperback, hardback, or even on my phone. Personal development books are a great read and a way to learn about most any subject you can imagine.

Personal Development to Inspire

I am an encourager. I have been one the majority of my life and believe it is one of my spiritual gifts. I love others, often to the detriment of my own energy and mental health. I love anything to do with words and enjoy reading self-development books to inspire me to be a better Christian, better woman, better mom, and better friend. Personal development research inspires me to be a better me and it is just what I needed when I was feeling a little lost after my nest started to empty.

Personal Development to Gather

This year I have found a whole group of like-minded women from my journey into personal development. My choice to go to RISE Business last year was a game-changer professionally and personally for me in all that I learned, as well as the connections I made there and on the Internet via the RISE group. Now, I have women all over the country that I am connected to and love – even if we have never met in person.

Self-development and learning more about others helps you to learn more about yourself in a different way. You can do this and still stay connected with God. He desires us to be the best version of ourselves. Using the tools of all different forms available right now is one way of learning how to be that person to magnify God and live His purpose for your life.

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