Are You Committed? It Can Be Everything!

Being truly committed takes effort. We were at the beach last week, and I always enjoy watching all of the animals play and frolic on the beach. The brown pelican really caught my eye this time. I would watch them fly around until they saw something shiny in the water, and then they would dive-bomb into the water to catch a fish. Their commitment was what really spoke to me. When they decide to go for it, they have to be committed. They can’t be wishy-washy about it, or they will not reach their goal (which is to eat). Watch this video to see what I am talking about.

See what I mean? I think we can take a lesson from the pelicans for our own lives.

Committed Means You Are Always Look for Opportunity

If you watch these birds very long, you will notice that they are always watching. They are engaged in what is going on around them and notice it all. I think we, as humans, notice things, but we don’t really notice the right things. We are quick to “squirrel” from subject to subject and image to image, but do we really actively look for opportunity? For most of us, this answer is probably, “no.” Entrepreneurs always have to be looking for ways to increase their presence, so keep your eyes open for opportunity.

You Stay Focused on Your Goals

True commitment takes a great deal of focus. We can’t make progress on a goal if we are not laser-focused on it. We can choose to just flit from thing to thing, but I don’t believe we will see as much progress this way. If we can truly commit to one goal and see it through, it can manifest itself much quicker. Focus on what you want and work toward that goal – never taking your eye off it.

You Give It Your All

You will also notice that the brown pelican uses their entire body to dive-bomb into the water to catch fish. It is really very interesting that they fly so smoothly through the air, and then they tuck their wings in and go toward the water, much like a torpedo. Every part of their body is engaged, from their beak to their wings to their feet tucked in. They are all in. Are you giving your goals all of yourself? Truly consider where you are expending your energy. If it is not on your goal, then how do you think you will accomplish it?

It is time to evaluate whether you are truly committed to your goal(s). Are you ever watchful for an opportunity to push it forward? Are you laser-focused on your goal so much you can see it in your mind? Are you giving it your all, or are you treating it as a hobby? All of these things and more can be indicators of what level of commitment you are truly giving. Maximum commitment = Maximum results

You go, girl!


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