It’s Time to Show Up With Purpose

Friends, it is time to show up with purpose.

Consistency. If you are growing a business of any type or raising a child, you hear this word bandied about like it is the Holy Grail of life. Being consistent in whatever you are doing is the only way to make inroads to a big goal, but what if we just show up? We have all worked with those people who just show up to get a paycheck. They are consistent, but they are not purposeful in their consistency. Well, unless you count the purpose of getting a check. I think it is essential we are consistent, but if we just “show up” without purpose, we will not make much progress.

show up with purpose

It’s Time to Be Present

If I had a dollar for every time I have seen a family sitting around a table in a restaurant not talking, but everyone on their phone, I could be rich. To be honest, I have to fight that “normality” for my family. My kids all have phones (they are almost adults), and they tend to live in their little world on their phones. I try to make a point of turning mine off and putting it in my purse just for this reason. I want to hear every single little thing coming out of their mouths. They are quite funny. Being present is something missing in the world, but we, as women, need to teach our families that it is an important and essential part of showing up!

It’s Time to Be Focused

With all that the Internet offers and all of the commercials on TV and radio, is it no wonder we seem to have attention issues? I can be listening to a podcast, writing a blog post, and watching TV all at the same time. However, if I genuinely focus, writing that blog comes more naturally, and it takes so much less time. We don’t have to be listening or watching continually! We can live and work in the quiet. It is time for us to focus on what is important, whether it is doing homework with our children or working on clients’ projects because God calls us to excellence.

showing up with purpose

It’s Time to Be Child of God He Made Us to Be

This is probably the most crucial thing in showing up. God has created you in His image with your own talents and skills. We are all unique, which is quite a feat when you think about it. Due to this uniqueness, we have different things to offer the world, and God has put a special purpose inside us. It is time to quit trying to be like someone else and step into the wonderful woman God has made you to be. Sister, I lived as who I “thought” I should be for years. It was miserable until I finally realized God had something special for me to do. Once I stepped into that, it has been so much more peaceful and joyous.

It is time for you to show up with purpose. Show up as the person God made you to be. Show up with your full focus and show up being totally present. Quit merely showing up and expecting things to happen. Consistency can change your life, but only if you let it. Show Up!

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