Living With Anxiety

living with anxiety

I could feel the anxiety starting to flow through my brain. What if this client doesn’t pay me? Don’t they know it is Christmas time? I need more money and more clients! I need to put myself out there. In panic mode, I started posting offer after offer and receiving just crickets in response. Then, God reminded me that He is in control. Yes, I haven’t received payment YET, but it is coming. Yes, I could use more clients, but I need the right clients. Yes, I need to be more visible, but in a controlled and strategic way.

Anxiety and Grasping at Straws

Satan uses our anxiety to cause us to grasp at straws. These straws are not of God, but instead ones we created, and they are not blessed. Therefore, they are void in the world. All those offers I posted? Not one comment, like, share, response. Why? Because they were posted in anxiety, rather than in belief.

living with anxiety

Quit Floundering and Believe

God wants me to believe. He wants me to rest assured in Him and His providence. Satan wants us to flounder like we are drowning. That is exactly how I felt yesterday. I could feel the tension, the panic, the fear overtaking my normal “go with the flow” feel. I am not one to panic, but Satan knows which buttons to push. He knows finances are my Achilles heel in many different ways.

living with anxiety

Rest for He Supplies All Needs

So today, I am going to rest in God’s supply. You see, He has already supplied all of my needs according to His riches in glory. He promised us this in the Bible. I have no need to fear. No need to panic. No need to feel anxious. For his riches in glory will supply all of my needs.

Today if you are struggling and feeling anxiety, I ask you this. Do you believe in God? If you believe in Him fully, you know He has it all under control. There is no need to fear or panic. He has it.

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